How to Remove Paragraph Tags from Contact Form 7

If you’re using Contact Form 7 for your WordPress site’s forms, you may have noticed how the rendered forms automatically wraps your labels and form fields in paragraph and break tags, which is a tad annoying. Here’s the fix.

How to Fix Pesky Button Text Alignment in iOS

This is a very simple tip but it’s a solution to an issue that I’ve seen come up quite often with other developers. Aligning text in a button element on a page is easy but for iOS, it requires an extra step that’s so easy it’s stupid.

How to Fix Missing Pages in WordPress When Using WPML

I really enjoy working with WPML. It takes a little work to get things set up but it’s not overly-complex. That said, I had one situation recently where I couldn’t access any pages and was scratching my head trying to figure it out until I stumbled across this fix.

Leonard Bernstein On Beethoven’s 8th Symphony

One of the least popular of the gargantuan nine symphonies of Beethoven is the Eighth, composed in tandem with its more popular and cosmic sister symphony, the Seventh, and while it may not have the emotional reach of its outer siblings, it holds its own in playfulness and what I like to call “restrained abandon”.

How to Remove wpautop from Advanced Custom Fields

I like working with the Advanced Custom Fields plugin, but there’s one annoyance I have and that’s when it auto-wraps outputted fields in <p> tags, which can mess with formatting. Luckily, there’s a fix for that.

Songs from Childhood: Ride Like the Wind

Been on a late 70’s/early 80’s music kick this week. I was listening to Christopher Cross’ Gone Like the Wind at work today so I could learn the chords. I got home and tried it out at the keyboard and had a good time tinkling with it.